Graduate-Run Committees

Executive Committee of the Association for Graduate Students in Psychology (AGSP)
Reps needed: unlimited

This committee allocates the budget for the graduate funds from the Graduate Students Association (GSA) with the purpose of enhancing students experience as a graduate student.  Responsibilities include organization of all graduate student committees, and organizing social events, seminars, and give-aways in order to enhance all graduate students experiences.  This committee typically meets 4 – 5 times per semester.

Graduate Instructor & Teaching Assistant (GITA) Committee 
Reps needed: minimum 4 (MA and/or PHD)

The goal of the Graduate Instructor and Teaching Assistant (GITA) committee is to encourage dialogue within the Department about how to support and improve graduate instructors’ and teaching assistants’ skills and working conditions. Agenda topics can include training policies and practices, teaching awards, professional development opportunities, and contractual/workload issues. The GITA committee is expected to meet monthly and to hold at least one meeting with an AGSP executive member, the undergraduate curriculum committee rep, and the Psychology Department’s TRAC Delegate per semester. GITA Committee representatives are encouraged to regularly correspond with the AGSP’s VP Internal, Undergraduate Curriculum Committee Rep, and the Psychology Department’s TRAC delegate. 

Journal Committee 
Reps needed: unlimited

The goal of the Journal Committee is develop, establish, and manage a scientific journal at Concordia University that will offer undergraduate students (in psychology or related fields) the opportunity to publish their empirical or theoretical manuscripts.

This committee will provide graduate students with the enriching experience of sitting on an editorial board and provide undergraduate students with the unique opportunity to experience the peer review process. An editorial team will be established that includes an Editor in Chief, Senior Associate Editors, a Managing Editor, Associate Editors, Consulting Editors, Undergraduate and Graduate Reviewers.

The Journal Committee is currently in its preliminary stages and we are looking for motivated graduate students who are interested in laying the foundations for this student-run journal. Committee members will meet monthly and the journal will publish on an annual basis.

Department-Run Committees

Space Committee:
Reps needed: 1 MA, 1 PhD

This committee makes decisions about how space (including grad offices and testing spaces) is going to be allocated to different labs.

Health and Safety Committee:
Reps needed: 2 (1 experimental, 1 clinical) 

Assist the committee by representing any student safety concerns. This committee typically holds a 2-hour meeting once per semester with some advance reading. 

Departmental Committee:
Reps needed: 1 PhD, 1 MA

The Departmental Committee (all faculty members in the department) meets every month to discuss things like curriculum, distribution of funds, the hiring of new faculty members, etc.  This committee requires a very minimal time commitment and minimal work.  No special preparation is required on the part of the student representative for these meetings.

Graduate Curriculum Committee:
Reps needed: 1 (MA or PhD)

This committee will meet to discuss the graduate curriculum. A rep is required to provide insight into the graduate student experience, provide feedback about any curriculum issues experienced by graduate students, etc.

Undergraduate Curriculum Committee:
Reps needed: 1 (MA or PhD)

This committee requires a graduate student to provide insight on the undergrad experience, problems related to curriculum that could have been encountered as a T.A., observations, and so forth. The Undergraduate Curriculum Committee representative will also be asked to attend at least one meeting per semester with the Graduate Instructor & Teaching Assistant Committee. 

Clinical Curriculum Committee:
Reps needed: 2 (clinical students only).

This committee meets to discuss aspects of the graduate curriculum that relate to students’ clinical training. Reps are needed to provide feedback from students regarding things like sequences of courses, students’ wishes for courses/feedback about current courses, etc.  It is likely that this committee will meet primarily in the Winter term.

Clinical Steering Committee:
Reps needed: 1 MA2, 1 PhD1, 1 PhD2, 1 PhD3+ : clinical students only

The clinical steering committee consists of a (usually) monthly meeting of all the clinical faculty. The committee deals directly with a variety of aspects of the clinical training program, including issues about practica and internship, accreditation, and courses. Because the committee is not too large, the student reps do get a chance to voice student perspectives on relevant issues, and the faculty are often interested in hearing such perspectives. Students on the clinical steering committee also have the ‘duty’ to chaperone clinical interviewees (when that applies). There’s a 1.5hr meeting every month. Another question that sometimes comes up is what new materials (tests, treatment manuals) are needed in the APC.


Interested in getting involved?

If you are interested in volunteering for a committee (or even multiple committees!), please contact us by Friday, August 31, 2018 including the following information:
– your name
– year in the program (e.g., PhD2)
– whether you are in clinical or research
– the committees you have been on previously (if applicable)
– your rank-ordered list of committee preferences and number of committees you are interested in joining

Please note: Representatives are determined by seniority and previous committee experience. Specifically, senior students and those who have not been on committees before are given preference. If students are volunteering for the same committee and are equal in terms of year and previous experience, it comes down to a random draw. Representatives will be expected to forward meeting notes/minutes to the AGSP President (Maria Santaguida). We kindly request that you highlight content that directly concerns the Psychology graduate community.