Executive Team 2017-2018

Maria Santaguida, PhD student

Vice-President Student Affairs
Sarah Hines, PhD student

Vice-President Finance
Ariel Batallan, MA student

Vice-President Internal
Heather Herriot, PhD student

Vice-President External
Christine Gerson, PhD student

Executive Officers
Esther Schott, PhD student

Kathleen Kennedy Turner, PhD Student

Kelly Doiron, PhD student

Anne Baptiste, MA student

Jie Chang, MA student

Acknowledgements (2016-2017)
A warm thank you to our previous 2016-2017 executive officers that contributed to the growth of the AGSP last year. Thank you for being valued members of our team: Rachael Neal, Georgina Faddoul, Jesse Renaud, Elizabeth Morin-Lessard, Leah Wright, Sarah Newcomb-Anjo, Kierla Ireland, Esther Schott, Heather Herriot, Sarah Hines, and Maria Santaguida. 


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