PY Grad Room

The PY Grad room and AGSP office (PY-317) is used to foster student networking and promote students’ social and emotional well-being. The space is available to book for student-directed educational events, including (but not limited to): meetings for collaborative research projects, seminars, study groups, workshops, and research-sharing events. Beyond planned events and activities, the space will be accessible to any Psychology graduate student who would like to casually connect to their peers. To gain access to the space, please read and sign the PY Grad Room contract. Please read about our progress revitalizing the PY Grad Room in the History section below!

To request a room booking, please contact us with ‘Room Booking’ in the subject line, specifying the room, date and time. If the booking can be established you will receive an e-mail confirmation.


The Psychology Graduate Student Space is a pet project that emerged out of a desire for graduate students in psychology to have a place to call their own. A place to go when you want to work but not in the confines of your office or lab. A place where you might want to interact with other graduate students more informally. A place where you can get comfortable and put your feet up. A place to just be.

It was discovered that PY 317 used to be this space.  It used to be filled with students, pretzels, and posters that were likely inappropriate.

       Yup. That’s Dr. Jim Pfaus in the mid 90s (?), I think. He might be a time traveller.                       Psst..Check out the Alf poster!

There are stories and whispers as to why this room fell into disarray. Some say it was bad student behaviour. Others think it just got too dirty. Somehow, over time, it seemed to become an extra storage space for files and junk that did not have a home. This beautiful space had turned into something ugly and uninviting. Someone even removed the Alf poster. Jerks.

Proposals and funding applications were written. The department was supportive. The space committee agreed. The grad students would be given this space! The department would help with cleaning the carpets and getting a fresh coat of paint. But there was work to be done. Work that no one else would do. Work that we couldn’t ethically get an undergraduate volunteer to do. So we did it.  We boxed up materials that needed to be destroyed, we sorted through dirty and dusty furniture, we cleaned, we moved, we sweated (profusely). But the work began to pay off.

The space began to look more habitable. Broken furniture was discarded. Boxes of files and decades old office supplies were removed.

Your AGSP vice-president (left) and president (right). There’s no good reason to add these pictures. I just like them. I hope you do too.

But, despite all of our progress… it still felt off. It was still a bit icky. It had that “not so fresh” feeling. So the department stepped up and brought this baby home.

We’ve come a long way, but we aren’t there yet. Once the paint has dried, and the carpets get cleaned, we will have a big, beautiful, empty room – ready to be filled with furniture*, and students, and memory-making. Look forward to the grand opening of the Psychology graduate student room**, coming (hopefully) Fall 2017.

* Update: The AGSP recently purchased three (comfortable!) couches. This is just the beginning, we will soon launch fundraising initiatives to save up for tables, chairs, lamps, and maybe even a projector too! 

**Not the official name of the room. Suggestions welcome.